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Mouthguard | Nightguard in Brampton

mouthguard brampton

Injuries happen. If you or your child loves to play contact sports, proper protection and safety measures are crucial. Mouthguards are important to get custom-fitted for those who are prone to contact injuries, because the loss or damage of teeth is a severe health issue that shouldn't be ignored. Preventing these problems before they happen is possible with our mouthguards. We build them custom for you or child's teeth, fitted for the unique structure of bone to protect the teeth and gums from injuries that happen on the ice, field, or court-- wherever they happen, you'll be protected!


Similar to mouthguards, nightguards keep your teeth in place and prevent serious oral health problems. If you grind your teeth at night, find your jaw sore in the morning, or have flattened or chipped teeth, you might be suffering from what's called bruxism. The grinding of teeth at night causes chips, cracks and destroyed enamel-- all conditions which can lead to pain, discomfort, or more serious problems, like TMD.

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