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Mercury Free Dental Fillings in Brampton

Mercury Free Fillings Brampton

Getting a cavity means having to get a filling for your teeth, which means you might find yourself getting a mercury amalgam filling at the dentist. Here at Bartley's Square Family Dental Centre in Brampton, we take your overall health seriously, and we know that mercury fillings could lead to potential problems. Offering mercury-free fillings is just one of the many ways that our dentists ensure you get the best care possible, with no exceptions.

Our fillings don't contain traces of mercury, and are instead resin compound fillings, matched to the colour of your tooth, to strengthen the restored tooth. And did you know that mercury-free fillings are also better for the environment? Mercury can contaminate our oceans and cause toxic harm to animals' ecosystems, and in turn, can work its way up the food chain into our digestive systems through the consumption of contaminated fish or wildlife. Say 'no' to mercury fillings and get your cavities filled at our Brampton dental office, without any potential harm to your health or the environment!

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