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Tips for Maintaining Your Smile During the Festive Season


The holidays can be a busy time and we can often lose track of our daily routine. So we will just cut to the chase and tell you 8 quick tips to make sure you keep your holiday smile this festive season!

  1. Schedule a pre-holiday check-up
    Get a head start with planning your holidays by booking an appointment with us so we can make sure your oral health is on point. We know with a healthy smile, you can take over your entire to-do list in no time! Besides, your benefits may be resetting in the New Year, so now is even a better time to take advantage!

  2. Control your sugar consumption
    We are surrounded by candy canes, Santa cookies, peppermint lattes, and caramel popcorns. Eat them all, but do limit your consumption, especially if you are eating sticky candies or fudgy chocolates, as they tend to get stuck to your teeth. Make sure you drink lots of water and don't forget to brush and floss your teeth twice a day!

  3. Limit your alcohol consumption
    We are not trying to kill your vibe, we promise! As much as this is the season for bottomless eggnogs and bottles of wine with dinner, unfortunately, red wine stains your teeth and too much alcohol dries up your mouth. That being said, consume everything in moderation and you are all set.

  4. Drink Water
    We cannot stress this enough! Especially after eating candy, sticky food, or consuming alcohol.

  5. Sugar-free gum could be your next BFF
    This is the season to be surrounded by unlimited snacks and delicious treats. Whether you are at work or at the mall, it's hard not to snack on these treats. We know brushing and flossing throughout the day is not possible - chew on a piece of sugar-free gum instead after your meals. Chewing sugarless gum helps boost saliva, which flushes out food remains and freshens up your breath. (But this really doesn't mean you should skip brushing and flossing - twice a day!)

  6. Travel Smart
    Are you travelling this holiday season? Have a fresh smile on the go! How? Just stash a toothbrush, a mini toothpaste, and even a mini mouthwash in your toiletries bag.

  7. Be prepared for emergencies
    If you use your teeth as a nutcracker (which you really shouldn't) and crack it, or have your cavities pulled out by a sticky candy, be prepared because you may not be able to see us as we do have limited holiday office hours. Be stocked up on gauze, floss, and over-the-counter pain relievers for minor problems. For bigger emergencies, keep your Emergency Dental Hospital's number on speed dial!

  8. Schedule a post-holiday cleaning
    Once the holidays are over and you have added improving your oral health to your New Year's resolutions, come and book an appointment with us for cleaning so you're smiling brightly into the New Year!
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