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What To Do During a Dental Emergency


Dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly, and in the moment it can be overwhelming to know how to handle the situation. Call a dentist as soon as possible to seek treatment. But what can you do to manage the incident before your appointment?

Here are some tips on what you can do to handle the most common types of dental emergencies at home before visiting a dentist for treatment.


When experiencing toothaches, first remove any irritating debris from your mouth by rinsing it with a mixture of salt in warm water. If needed, gently use a floss to clean between your teeth. If swelling occurs, hold a cold compress on the cheek to reduce the swelling and pain. You can also take ibuprofen and acetaminophen to alleviate the pain before your visit to the dentist.

Broken Teeth

A cracked tooth or tooth injury can lead to a broken tooth. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, seek treatment immediately. You can rinse the area gently with warm water and recover any pieces that may have fallen. To stop the bleeding, hold a small piece of gauze on the affected area to absorb blood. If swelling occurs, apply a cold compress on your cheek near the source to reduce the pain and swelling.

Dislodged tooth

If your tooth has fallen out of your mouth, quickly retrieve the tooth, rinse gently, and place carefully back into the socket (do not push). If it does not slip back into the socket, place the tooth in a small, clean container and fill with a little milk or slightly salted water. The tooth can be saved if you contact a dentist immediately to quickly and correctly have the tooth placed in the socket.


An abscess is an infection occurring around the tooth root or in the space between your gums and teeth. If you notice a pimple sized bump or swelling on your gums, call your dentist as soon as possible. To alleviate the pain, you can rinse your mouth with a solution of warm water and salt. The saltwater rinse will draw the pus from the gums to the surface. Do this several times a day to help ease the pain and swelling.

Loose or Lost Fillings

Loose or lost fillings can leave your cavity exposed and vulnerable. You can use a small piece of sugar-free gum and place it on the open cavity until your next visit to the dentist.

Something Stuck Between Teeth

If something is stuck between your teeth, use a dental floss and gently try to remove the object. Try to get it out as soon as you can before it leads to an infection in your gums. Do not use a sharp object to extract the object from your teeth, it can cut your gums or scratch the tooth surface. If you continue to have difficulty, contact a dentist for assistance.

With every dental emergency, it is very important to seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Our dental team is dedicated to helping you with any incident and restoring your confidence and your oral health. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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